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How to Start Video Marketing in 2024 on a Busy Schedule

Video marketing is vital to the success of any business in 2024, but many busy entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know how to get started with it. The good news is – you don’t need fancy equipment or skills to start using video to promote your business TODAY!

In this post, we’ll look at why video marketing is so powerful and how any busy person can begin creating and sharing videos right away. Let’s go!

Why is Video Marketing Powerful?

Here are some of the key benefits of using video in your marketing:

  • Grab attention – people are much more likely to watch a video than read text.
  • Stay relevant – viewers get to see your personality and build trust.
  • Boost SEO – videos increase your chances of ranking high in search engines.
  • Spread awareness – compelling videos can spread like wildfire on social media.
  • Gain customers – 64% of customers are more likely to buy after watching a brand video.

YouTube VS Social Platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook)

YouTube and social platforms both offer immense value for video marketing. Keep in mind that people’s attention spans are decreasing, so you may need to adapt your strategy.

  • YouTube is best for longer, more educational videos. Social is better for short, fun content.
  • YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, making it great for reach. But social platforms like Instagram and TikTok have huge audiences, too.
  • YouTube videos can more easily go viral globally. Social platforms allow you to target videos for your ideal audience.
  • YouTube offers strong SEO value. Social platforms provide engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

The best approach is to leverage both YouTube and social platforms to share different types of videos tailored to each platform’s strength. This expands your reach and strategy.

Getting Started with Video Marketing in 2024

Don’t let a busy schedule hold you back from video marketing. With just a smartphone and free tools, you can make and share videos easily with these steps:

  1. Use your smartphone camera – no fancy equipment is needed!
  2. Keep it short – under a minute is best for beginners on social platforms, while around 10 minutes is ideal for YouTube.
  3. Share your knowledge – teach viewers something practical and applicable to a specific need.
  4. Be natural and authentic – let your personality shine and don’t try to be like everyone else. Find your voice.
  5. Post videos on social media – put your content everywhere (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)!
  6. Engage with comments and feedback – if someone leaves a question, answer them!
  7. Use free editing apps – like Inshot or Capcut to polish videos, but keep in mind that editing videos takes a long time to do right (often 1 hour of editing per minute of finished video!)
  8. Analyze results and improve over time – you have to actually post your first video to do this!

The key is to start now – make some quick videos educating or introducing yourself and your business. Don’t worry about perfection. Statistically, your first videos will not be great, but the more videos you make, the better you’ll get.

With just a smartphone, anyone can start sharing authentic, helpful videos that capture attention and drive traffic to your business. Stop putting it off – make your first video today and unlock the power of video marketing in 2024!

If you have any questions about video marketing, or are looking to scale with less effort, let’s talk.

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