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Best Video Gear Set Under $1000 – 2022 Edition 

If you’re looking to upgrade your video gear set for YouTube, then this will be the best article you’ll read today. This list contains the best of the best video gear on the market today, all under $1000. 

From cameras to batteries, this list has it all. 

Let’s get started. 

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR – $449

The Canon EOS Rebel offers the essential tools for you to take your SLR skills to the next level. With an impressive 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and a wide ISO range of 100-6400, this camera is capable of capturing high quality images in almost any kind of lighting environment. 

It even has built-in wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) that allows for hands-free operation because it can connect to your mobile device. 

The Canon EOS is an affordable option that will enhance your YouTube channel, podcasting, or even family photo shoots.

Connect. Upload. Share. Get the Canon EOS Rebel today. 

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Complete Tripod Units With Remote Shutter – $42.86

Your camera can’t hold itself. That’s why you need a tripod. 

This tripod is compatible with just about every kind of camera out there. This includes:

  • Your Smart Phone 
  • DSLR Camera
  • Camcorder 
  • Digital Camera
  • Miniature DSLR

It encompasses almost every image capturing device you can think of. On top of that, you can record at a wide range of heights. This tripod can extend from 21 inches to 70 inches thanks to its telescoping legs. 

Its head allows for multi-angle view of scenery with the 360deg rotation of the head and smooth pan direction shaft. 

This is a very durable, strong, and lightweight product. It’s max load capacity is 11 pounds and it comes with a gravity hook to hold additional weight for increased stability. 

This tripod comes with: 

  • 1 camera tripod
  • 1 carrying bag 
  • 2 1/4inch quick release plate 
  • 1 universal phone holder
  • 1 bluetooth shutter control 
  • 1 instruction manual 

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Blue YETI USB Mic – $216.99

If you’re stuck between the choice of a camera or a mic, go with the mic. Because people will ALWAYS notice bad audio before bad video.

That being said, you don’t have to worry about bad audio with this mic. It produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality audio for YouTube, podcasting, or even game streaming. 

The Blue YETI USB Mic offers four unique pickup patters:

  • Cardioid – captures sound from directly in front of the microphone.
  • Omni – picks up all the sound from around the microphone.
  • Bidirectional – picks up sound from the front and rear of the mic, great for two person podcasts.
  • Stereo – picks up sound from the left to right in front of the microphone, good for three person podcasts or music recording. 

It also comes with studio controls for volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and several others. Setting up to record is no hassle; instantly start recording on your Mac or PC with Plug ‘N Play. 

Buy this mic on Amazon today!

LIMOSTUDIO 700W Output Lighting Series – $77.10

It’s always smart to have a light in your studio to make things crisp and clear. The LimoStudio Lighting Series excels at this. 

Its new design includes:

  • All purpose single head bulb socket
  • 180deg swivel for light direction
  • On/Off Switch 
  • 11 foot power cord, three feet longer than the market standard 
  • Full spectrum CFL 45W light bulb that has up to 70% light transmission to minimize light loss and provide efficiency 

It has bigger radius tripod legs than most other lights on the market. This enables it to get more stability and have adjustable height. 

This product spreads light evenly for a soft and warm feeling. It has high light efficiency so you get the most out of your product. And with multiple light settings and levels, you can control how you want your light to look. 

Buy this light on Amazon! 

Sandisk 128GB (2-Pack) Extreme Pro Memory Card

This Sandisk 128GB SD Card is every pro’s choice for reliability, performance, and uncompromising image 4K UHD video quality.

It comes in a 2-pack bundle which is ideal for professionals looking to maximize post production workflow. These SD cards are compatible with the EOS Rebel series, Digital DSLR cameras, and more! 

With read speeds up to 170MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s, you’ll be moving your data faster than you could have ever imagined. 

Buy this SD card on Amazon! 

Firstpower LP-E10 Battery (2-Pack) – $24.99

Cameras are useless without batteries. Though the camera mentioned earlier on this list comes with a battery, it’s only one. 

These two replacement LP-E10 batteries have 1700mAh High capacity to let you capture more photos and videos. If one dies, pop the next one in. And charge them while the others are in use.

Its dual battery charger works with cars, laptops, power banks, and USB adapters. You can charge two batteries at once, effectively saving charging time. 

With a total of three batteries (including the one that comes with the camera), you can take more photos and record anything you need for however long you need. 

 Buy these batteries on Amazon!

There you have it. That’s the list. Everything you need to upgrade your current video set for under $1000. 

Looking to create more content in less time with maximum impact? Let’s talk.

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