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Best Video Gear Set Under $150 – 2022 Edition

Finding the right supplies for any kind of project or job is not easy. In fact, it can seem a bit daunting. If you’re working with a budget, getting the best “bang for your buck” puts a lot of pressure on your purchase. Or maybe you just don’t know what the essentials are and what’s a waste of money. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey as a YouTuber or difference-maker, this comprehensive list outlines the best viceo gear on the market in 2022. All for under $150. 

REMINDER: If you have to choose between a new camera or a new microphone, always choose the best microphone you can! People notice bad audio FIRST. 

Let’s get into it … 

Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder – $65.99

You can’t produce videos without a camera. And you can’t make crisp and clear videos without a high quality video camera.

The Kicteck camera is a multifunctional camcorder. It supports 1080 P AVI video resolution and 6000×4500 JPEG resolution. Basically, the images coming off this camera are going to be super crisp. 

In addition to its high resolution capabilites, it has anti-shaking technology – I know you caffeine heads are excited about this. It’s also got a built-in fill light (basically a flash), self timer, webcam mode, and several other features. 

And accessing your photos or videos is super easy. You can download all the files from your camcorder to your laptop or desktop using a USB cable that’s included with purchase. 

The camera comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, each capable of lasting 60 – 90 minutes. If you’re planning on shooting videos longer than the batteries can handle, that’s okay too. The Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder can record while you charge it. 

This means if you wanted you time lapse a snail moving or a plant growing, you got all the battery you need. But keep in mind how much space you have. This device is compatible with SD cards ranging from 4GB to 128GB. 


The camera is small and light-weight, so it’s portable and easy for you to carry around. It can support external light sources if the built-in one isn’t strong enough for the project you’re recording. It can also be used with a tripod but NOT an external microphone. 

This item comes with: 

  • 1 digital video camera
  • 1 USB charger 
  • 1 AV and USB cable
  • 1 Dust bag
  • 1 user manual 
  • 2 batteries 

If you want to get into the specs and see the complete product description, check out this link:

Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder

Fifine USB Microphone with Stand – $29.99

“Whatever it is that you are recording, you will never be disappointed with its sound quality”

That is their guarantee – and they live up to it. With the Fifine USB Microphone, you will improve the sound quality of your audio projects. 

It’s easy to use – the USB recording microphone plus right it and can be used immediately. Just plug the microphone into your laptop or desktop via the USB port and calibrate it with your operating system.

It can be used with just about any device because it is strictly USB and can be plugged directly into your device. The USB isn’t the only reason it’s so versatile. Its microphone works with any software you have, so there is no need to download any additional programs. 

This mic is great at picking up vocals and leaving background noise out of the audio. It’s ideally suited for gaming, podcasts, home studio recording, or anything that requires high quality audio. 

So if you need a great quality microphone at a very affordable price, check this product out

Camera Mount Tripod with Bag – $13.99

Since flying cameras haven’t been invented yet, you need something to hold your camera as it records. This tripod is your solution.

The Camera Mount Tripod with Bag is high quality but also affordable and reliable. It’s not a fixed height tripod either. The item’s height can be adjusted up to 50 inches and is made with lightweight aluminim, so it’s easy to travel with. 

It has a 3-way head. Let me explain what that is. The 3-way head allows for:

  • 360deg swivel motion,
  • Portrait and landscape options,
  • All range of tilts in between

On the head, the tripod is equipped with an easy-to-use plate, which allows for quick transitions between shots. 

I mentioned the adjustable height earlier. The way this is possible is the telescoping legs. These let you easily make smooth height adjustments. And its minimum height is 16 inches, so it fits very nicely into a small travel bag. 

WARNING: though this tripod is durable and sturdy, it should not be used with equipment exceeding 4.4 pounds. 

Grab this tripod here: Camera Mount Tripod with Bag

Video Ring Light for Laptop – $16.79

In the phrase, “lights, cameras, action!”, lights come first. This is because it’s very important. Lighting makes or breaks a video, but not just any light will do the job. 

The Video Ring Light for Laptop provides the best lighting for anyone on a fixed budget. 

It has adjustable brightness and color. There are 3 light colors, each having 10 different brightness colors to fit any mood you need. All these modes can create a unique atmosphere and meet various needs you may have. 

Don’t have enough space to fit a bulky light? This product comes with a 6.3 inch mounting clamp that you can mount on your desk, table, chair, bed, or anywhere with strong stability. This metal clamp will keep your lamp in place. 

The clamp and the lamp are made out of strong aluminum framing and are good against heavy work and use. I’m not saying it will hold up to constant drops and beatings, but it will against just about everything short of that. 

It’s also USB powered and can be used in combination with laptops, computers, and other USB interfaces. The length of the USB cable it comes with is 78 inches long, which is just over 6 feet in length. 

If you’re digging the way this light sounds, put it in your amazon cart

32GB Sandisk SD Card – $26.90

There’s really not much to say about this item. It’s an SD card. With 32GBs.

It’s ideal for both professionals looking for some extra space and beginners who want to maximize their post-production work flow. 

This SD card has read and write speeds up to 90MB/s. The speed of any storage device indicates how quickly that device and retrieve and store data. 90MB/s is a great speed for an SD card.

It’s also shock, temperature, x-ray, and waterproof. So if you so please, you could go swimming with it in your pocket. 

The SD card provides the best image and 4K UHD video quality out there. It can handle all kinds of burst shots or RAW plus JPEG with ease. 

You can be confident that this purchase will serve you well in your video making ventures. For more details, check out this link

There it is. That’s the list. This assembly of affordable yet reliable products will make purchasing equipment very easy for a tight $150 budget. 

Just go ahead and put those items in your cart, set them up, and start making a difference online. 

Looking to create more content in less time with maximum impact? Let’s talk.

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