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Case Study – Right Lawyers

Thank you very much for all of your help on this project, it is greatly appreciated


Right Lawyers has helped thousands of clients with their divorce or custody issues since 2004, and were looking to improve their online presence and grow their reach.

The Results

Now, Right Lawyers has video ads running on all their platforms, driving traffic to their website and services. With KickAssets Video, they didn’t have to put extra effort into the creation and editing of the ads, which now run 24/7 while they focus on what they do best.

The Process

With the team at KickAssets Video’s help, Right Lawyers simply explained what they needed and what they had done in the past. KickAssets Video took their input and created the videos needed to grow their online presence, expand their business, and onboard more clients. They don’t have to do anything related to video and can spend their time on more important and enjoyable things.

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