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Case Study – The Wiggin Sessions

From Zero to Traction on YouTube with No Hassle


Addison Wiggin, the executive publisher of Consilience Financial and host of The Wiggin Sessions, started The Wiggin Sessions podcast in 2021. KickAssets Video has worked with the Addison and his team since the beginning and launch of their YouTube channel. 

The results

The Wiggin Sessions now has an established YouTube presence and a growing following on their social channels. Within just 12 months, The Wiggin Sessions youtube channel went from no online presence to over a thousand YouTube subscribers and 80K views. Some of their top videos even have 10K views in under 4 months. 

The process

The Wiggin Sessions worked with KickAssets Video from the beginning, before their YouTube channel was created. KickAssets took over their videos, so once Addison records a podcast episode, they get their YouTube videos and social assets edited and ready to post – no hassle at all.

Check out The Wiggin Sessions YouTube

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