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Michael Blank

Big Impact Videos with Minimal Work

“All I have to do now is hit record on the camera and I’m just amazed at how she can just take that raw footage and transform it into something that looks just stunning.”


Michael Blank, founder of The Michael Blank Brands and NightHawk Equity,  is a full-time investor and coach who teaches people to become financially free with real estate investing in 1-3 years through his platform. Since 2015, he has worked with KickAssets Video to improve his online video presence. 

The Results

Now, Michael just records a video and it’s edited and posted to YouTube without him having to do anything. It has grown to 13.8K subscribers and organically drives a third of all traffic to his website, course, and mentoring program. Michael got his time back and now focuses on his business’ strategy and travelling with family, while his videos work to get leads 24/7.  

The Process

Michael realized that balancing two businesses, a family, and content creation was not a logical option. So in 2015, he started working with KickAssets Video to handle and improve his videos. Now, for every video he records, 4 videos are created to reach his audience on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and LinkedIn. His YouTube channel posts videos atleast five times per week. KickAssets Video manages the editing, reviewing, and posting to YouTube without Michael or his team having do anything.

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Other projects

Raising Money for Nonprofit Ronald Kaluya Uganda Counseling and Support Services

Let’s work together and scale your video content

All the benefits of an in-house video editing team,
including scalable custom work, without having to manage the complexity of it