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Megan Monique Harner

Building the Company’s Online Brand

So if you’re thinking about hiring Mia for your video editing, I say give it a go. She’s fantastic.

Megan Monique Harner has been a web designer and graphic designer for 12 years, and was looking to work with someone who could navigate her client’s brand and integrate that into their video editing – mixing the needs of the client and what the market is demanding. When she started working with KickAssets Video, all deadlines were hit, communication was consistent, and the client’s online video presence grew to dominate their space, without Megan editing a single video.

Other projects

Big Impact Videos with Minimal Work Michael Blank CEO of The Michael Blank Brands

Let’s work together and scale your video content

All the benefits of an in-house video editing team,
including scalable custom work, without having to manage the complexity of it