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Case Study – Tzayla

Done-for-You Online Presence


Tzayla is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Plucked from obscurity, she has won over her growing audience with her heartfelt, relatable, and emotional music. But she doesn’t have the time or focus to spend on creating music and managing an online presence on all the social media platforms.

The results

Tzayla has a growing presence on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Her account has posts multiple times per week and her YouTube channel contains music and lyric videos for every song she’s released.

The process

Tzayla doesn’t have to edit a single video, not inspirational videos for TikTok or lyric videos for YouTube. KickAssets Video takes care of that for her. She gets dozens of videos for posting on social media and her YouTube is managed for her (done-for-you) so she can focus all her time and energy on creating new music.

Check out Tzayla’s YouTube

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