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Case Study – Scott Hembree

Raising Money for Nonprofits

The perfect balance between done-with-you and done-for-you.


Scott Hembree started Switch Plastics to address waste issues throughout the US by increasing zero waste and recycling throughout his town. He turned to KickAssets Video to help with starting the branding, online presence, and video production from scratch.

The results

All the backend work was done by KickAssets Video, so Scott could focus on the strategy of growing his company. He didn’t edit a single video or have to endlessly quality control work.

The process

KickAssets Video talked in depth with Scott about his outlook and feel of his company. He recorded some videos with his partner, KickAssets Video edited them ready for release and answered any questions Scott had along the way. The perfect balance between done-with-you and done-for-you.

Let’s work together and scale your video content

All the benefits of an in-house video editing team,
including scalable custom work, without having to manage the complexity of it